About www.marielalombard.com

Mariela Lombard is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina and is currently based in New York. She attended the International Center of Photography in New York and has worked as contract  photojournalist since 1998.

She has covered major news events in the New York area including the September 11 attacks, the Junior Gotti trial, and the Spitzer sex scandal among others.

Her photos have been published in numerous news magazines in the United States, South America, and Europe as well as many newspapers.  Recently her work has been featured in Time, Newsweek, Forbes, NBC News, Good Morning America/ABC, New York Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Wall Street Journal, Crain's Business, Mother Jones, The Daily Beast, In Touch Weekly, Christian Science Monitor, Popular Mechanics, The Guardian (UK), Verlag (Germany), National Enquirer (UK), Veja (Brazil).

Ms. Lombard is fluent in English and Spanish, and is a member of the New York Press Photographers Association.  She served as a contract photojournalist for the NY Daily News and is a foreign correspondent for LUK, a magazine of AmericaEconomica based in Chile.   She is represented by ZUMA Press in California.

Ms. Lombard is currently Staff Photographer at EL DIARIO NUEVA YORK - Impremedia.

To make requests for prints or inquiries for assignments please contact mariela@marielalombard.com