Pet Photography - What to Expect, Rates, and Packages

If there is one thing Mariela Lombard loves to shoot more than people, it is pets.  With a keen eye and a true love of animals great and small, Mariela creates images of your pet that you can treasure for years to come.  Images that capture the true essence of your pet and the irreplaceable connection they have with you.  

No One Enjoyed Sears Photo Sessions As a Kid.  Your Pet Doesn't Either.
Many clients enjoy how interactive Mariela is with their pets, allowing her to get a photo that is up close, intimate, and actively engaged.  She starts by taking your pet for a walk, or if they are home-bodies, a good snuggle session gets the level of trust needed to work with your little super star.  From there Mariela will begin getting some candids and action shots.  After tuckering out your pal a bit, Mariela is able to get a some more static, restful shots. A state in which some clients are all together too familiar and adorable (ahem, I'm looking at you French Bulldogs). At this point, should the human client want to get in on the action, this is the perfect point for Mariela to shoot some more formalized, posed photos or some intimate candids.

The Studio
Mariela has a well-equipped photo studio on the Upper West Side a block from Central Park.  She'll often meet clients there, go for a walk in Central Park, take some photos, then head back to her studio for some more photos.

The Home
Mariela will also travel to your home and take photos in your pal's preferred environment. 

Packages & Pricing
Packages can be customized to your needs, but standard prices are below.

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"  -  $250
Mariela will meet human minder and pet at a park of their choice and get them in action, doing what they do best, PLAY!

"Come Up and See Me Sometime" - $300
Mariela will come and visit you and your pet in your home and get some shots in the environment your pet is most comfortable with.  This is a great option for elderly pets, finicky cats, or those who simply believe their homes are so handsomely appointed they deserve to be photographed. (Ahem, I'm looking at you Siamese cats.)

"The Whole Enchilada" - $500
Come visit Mariela in her studio.  Drop off your gear and then head to Central Park for some photos walking or playing in the area around "The Pool" and North Meadow.  After some action shots, head back to her studio for some more intimate candids.  Finish up with some portraits using the lighting and backdrops available in the studio.

Mariela is not just limited to cats, dogs, birds, and amphibians.  She has also shot larger friends like horses and is open to other pets you may want to share.  She's still working up the courage to do a session with black bears, so you'll have to wait on that.

Check out our "Pet Photography" gallery for more examples of Mariela's woof.
Whoops, work. Mariela's work.